Cross-Docking and Consolidation

Ship Products Faster for Less

We know you’re always looking for ways to move your products faster, minimize potential damage from unnecessary handling, and save money. That’s why Tenpoint offers a range of options to fit your needs, including cross-docking and consolidation services. With Tenpoint’s excellent customer service and commitment to transparency, you’ll always know where your goods are and what steps they will take before they reach their destination.


What Is Cross-Docking and Consolidation?

Cross-docking and consolidation services involve moving goods from supplier to customer with minimal handling. The goal is to quickly move the goods from the outbound dock of the supplier to the inbound dock of the retailer—hence the name “cross-dock.”

Cross-Docking and Consolidation Processes

Goods are first taken to a cross-dock warehouse where they can be deconsolidated. At the warehouse, staff unload the trucks and determine the endpoint of each item. The goods are then re-sorted and consolidated into new trucks according to their destination. This efficient process allows goods to be sent to their inbound dock without further need for handling.

How Can Cross-Docking Help Your Business?

We know retailers want to be able to respond to market changes and get their inventory fast. That’s why cross-docking is a great option to make sure you get your freight on time and undamaged.


Tenpoint offers customized automotive logistics solutions to our customers. We ship vehicle parts and components with safety and care. In addition to having GPS services, Tenpoint’s own vehicles are late-model, regularly inspected, and tamper-proof to make sure you receive your goods on time.


Cross-docking and consolidation is a great way to ensure aerospace parts arrive when you need them with minimal handling. Our well-trained drivers and top-of-the-line GPS systems ensure you’ll always know where your shipments are and when they’re set to arrive. Tenpoint also offers flatbed trucking services to provide our customers with the flexibility they need to safely and reliably ship large loads.

Cross-Docking and Consolidation with Tenpoint

At Tenpoint, we believe in The Golden Rule: Treat others how you would wish to be treated. We strive to build and maintain great relationships with the expedited drivers, owner-operators, and customers we work with.

Tenpoint also offers a wealth of services to our customers, including expedited ground shipping, cargo air charter, air freight shipping, truckload brokerage, flatbed trucking, and blended solutions.


Faster Delivery

Cross-docking allows shipments to be put on trucks that will result in the most efficient shipping times possible. Our GPS tracking also means you stay up to date on where your goods are and when they’re expected to arrive. You’ll never hear, “The driver must have turned off their phone,” with us.


Lower Costs

Minimizing handling means minimizing labor costs. The fewer people who have to handle your goods, the less you have to pay. Plus, cutting down on damaged goods means you won’t lose money from goods damaged in a warehouse.


Excellent Customer Service

We're determined to ensure our customers have an easy, transparent, reliable experience.

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