Logistics Services

Logistic services involve support for supply chain and shipping needs for various manufacturers and retailers. Any business that sells physical goods to customers must have a solution for how they will deliver their goods to customers. With the rise in eCommerce businesses, logistics services are in high demand.

By choosing a logistics company like Tenpoint Expediting Services, you can save time by not having to worry about the shipping and handling process and spend more time making a profit. Research shows that nearly 80% of companies that have high-performing supply chains achieve higher growth in revenue than their industry average. One important strategy in improving your supply chain is to work with a logistics company to handle your shipping needs.


Ground Transportation and Logistics Services

Ground transportation is a popular and affordable solution for many logistics needs. Tenpoint Expediting Services offers several different ground transportation and logistics solutions for you to choose from based on your unique circumstances.

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Expedited Ground Shipping

Tenpoint Expediting Services offers expedited ground shipping for travel times that are shorter than regular shipping. Expedited ground shipping ensures that important goods arrive at their destination without delay. To achieve this, our expedited ground shipping trucks make little to no stops between picking up and dropping off.


Truckload Brokerage

A truck brokerage acts as a connection between the shipper and carrier. Tenpoint Expediting Services offers truckload brokerage solutions to match drivers to shipping needs. Utilizing truckload brokerage services can save time and money and allows for more flexibility in scheduling shipping.



Tenpoint Expediting Services offers flatbed shipping solutions. When goods do not require a closed van or do not fit in a regular truck, flatbed shipping can be used. Flatbed shipping involves loading the freight with a crane or other equipment onto a flatbed trailer. Since the trailer does not have walls, this type of shipping allows for more flexibility in the dimensions of the shipment.


Cross-Docking and Consolidaiton

Cross-dock solutions involve moving goods from a supplier to the customer with very little handling. Tenpoint Expediting Services can also load several different shipments into one truck for delivery to maximize consolidation.

Air Logistics Services

In addition to ground solutions, Tenpoint Expediting Services offers air logistics with cargo air charter and air freight options. Air logistics can offer speed that ground transportation can’t with same-day and next-day delivery options and highly reliable departure and arrival times.


Cargo Air Charter

Tenpoint Expediting Services offers cargo air charter solutions to ensure that your shipments arrive as soon as possible. Air charter services are commonly used all over the globe to move important goods and products. Tenpoint Expediting Services can deliver freights of all sizes, including single or multiple pallet shipments using cargo air charter.


Air-Freight Shipping

Air freight involves using an air carrier to deliver goods. At Tenpoint Expediting Services, we offer air freight solutions for maximum flexibility when it comes to the time of shipment and the delivery location. With air freight shipping, you can choose from next-flight, next-day, second-day, and third-day shipping options.

Emergency Shipping Services

Tenpoint Expediting Services can combine solutions for customized logistic services. Blended solutions allow manufacturers and retailers to choose the shipping options they need based on their unique needs.


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End-to-End Transportation and Delivery

Tenpoint offers end-to-end logistics solutions. We can coordinate both air freight and expedited ground shipping services to take care of every step of the delivery process. We’ll customize the logistics for your shipment to give you the best possible service.

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Easy Shipment Tracking

Tenpoint trucks have tamper-proof, hard-wired GPS units installed. You’ll know exactly where your shipment is at all times. You’ll never hear, “The driver must have turned off their phone,” with us.

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Late Model Expedited Trucking

Tenpoint only uses late model equipment that is in top-notch operating condition. We regularly inspect our equipment to prevent breakdowns and minimize the impact of breakdowns on your shipments.

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Expertly Trained Drivers & Owner-Operators

All Tenpoint drivers are required to go through on-site orientation. We employ both drivers and owner-operators who are well trained in expedited shipping so that you get the best service possible.

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