Event and Entertainment Trucking

When you need to ship high-value and sensitive equipment on a tight schedule, Tenpoint can provide the logistics support you need. Our drivers are vetted, experienced, and ready to get your event materials where it needs to go.

We know that event logistics can be complex and stressful, so when you work with Tenpoint you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Our staff pride ourselves on fast and straightforward communication with our clients that ensures you always know where your freight is and when it is expected to arrive.

Event and Entertainment Equipment Delivery

Tenpoint’s Event Trucking Services

We work with a wide range of event and entertainment clients who need fast, safe and reliable logistics services. Our can transport your materials throughout the United States and internationally.

Safe Delivery

Tenpoint has an extensive fleet of vehicles, including sprinters, flatbeds, and even tractors. Our crews have no problem with large or awkwardly shaped freight. We work to reduce the number of stops on our routes to get your material delivered faster and minimize the number of times that your items are handled. Our crews use the latest equipment to ensure that your freight is well-secured and safe throughout its journey.

Reliable Communication

Fast, responsive, and dependable communication is our top priority at Tenpoint. The vehicles in our fleet are equipped with GPS devices and software that will send location updates directly to your email inbox. Our drivers are in constant communication with our dispatchers and if anything comes up we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

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Our Event Trucking Staff

Entertainment trucking companies are only as good as their staff and their equipment, which is why we’ve put so much effort into putting together a team of reliable and experienced dispatchers, drivers, and fleet owners.

We require all of our drivers to have at least two years of experience on the job, no record of alcohol or drug convictions, and no more than three moving violations. We also meet them personally during orientation and ensure that they have a reliable cell phone. Our drivers use late-model vehicles that have the up-to-date equipment and are frequently inspected and serviced.

Tenpoint’s dispatchers are friendly, professional, and easy to work with. They work hard to ensure that our crews are using the fastest and most efficient routes and that our clients are well-informed.

Our Clients

Tenpoint has a large and flexible fleet that can respond quickly to our clients needs. We work with concerts, circuses, sporting events, fairs, and other events. Our teams can transport sound, lighting, and production equipment, as well as large components such as ice rinks, stages, and rings.

We develop close relationships with our clients that are built on trust, communication, and follow-through. We believe in the golden rule: treat other people how you wish to be treated, and it has been the bedrock of our business.

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Our Event Logistics Options

While trucking is our bread and butter for many of our event clients, we also offer additional services that are available for when you need your freight delivered in a hurry. Whether you need a delivery that prioritizes cost or speed, or are looking for a balance of the two, we’ve got you covered.


Expedited Ground Shipping

If you’re looking to get your event materials moved to a new location faster than with standard shipping, we offer expedited ground shipping. We’ll work to minimize the number of necessary stops and have your cargo delivered sooner. In some cases, this can include next-day delivery.


Flatbed Trucking

For our entertainment clients that need to ship odd-sized or oversized cargo, we have a range of flatbed trucks available, including standard, extendable, and stretch flatbeds. Our experienced flatbed drivers follow a strict set of procedures to load, secure, and unload freight and ensure it stays safe.


Air Freight

If you can’t wait for ground shipping, we have air freight available. Our event logistics team will locate a commercial flight with room available for your cargo and have it placed onboard. There are a range of speed and delivery options available for air freight, from an economy option to our next-flight-out service. 

We maintain close relationships with several air logistics companies, so we can quickly find a flight that meets your needs. Tenpoint also offers an on-board courier and hand-carry service, in which a courier will personally carry your cargo onto the plane.


Air Charter

For when you’re missing a crucial piece of your venue, but the show must go on, we offer air charter. We’ll charter a private plane just for your package and have it ready to accept the freight and immediately take off to the landing are nearest to your location. This is an effective service for clients that need valuable and delicate items, such as instruments, transported with the utmost care. 

Air charter is also a great solution for events that are at remote locations and would require a longer amount of time to deliver through conventional means.


Emergency Shipping Services

Our fastest available service, emergency shipping combines many of our other offerings to find the quickest possible solution to deliver your package. For instance, we could use air freight or air charter to fly your package to another airport and then have expedited shipping pick it up and deliver it to its final location.

Our emergency shipping service is known for its speed and reliability, and is frequently deployed for other logistics companies when the unexpected happens and they need help.

Entertainment Trucking with Tenpoint

Want to learn more about how Tenpoint’s event trucking services can benefit your business? Reach out to our staff to find out more about our options and get a free quote.