Automotive Logistics Solutions


Tenpoint Expediting Services is proud to serve companies in the automotive industry. We specialize in shipping car parts to and from a variety of different automotive businesses. Our fast delivery times, safe and secure shipping practices, and friendly customer service make shipping automotive parts with Tenpoint a breeze.

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How Tenpoint’s Automotive Logistics Can Help Your Business

Whether you need parts shipped with our expediting services to keep your assembly line running smoothly, or you’re just looking to stock up on spark plugs, Tenpoint has you covered. We work with businesses that just need to ship a single item as well as companies that employ our services for their everyday shipping needs.

Tenpoint’s automotive shipping services aren’t just limited to the car parts themselves. We also frequently deliver the tools and equipment that businesses use to build and maintain their vehicles. Tenpoint also delivers parts for vehicles other than passenger cars, such as tractors, excavating equipment, golf carts, and more. 

Give us a call for a free quote and to learn more about how Tenpoint can meet the specific needs of your automotive business.

What Car Parts Does Tenpoint Ship?

  • Paint
  • Transmissions
  • Spark plugs
  • Seats
  • Gaskets
  • Rims and tires
  • Motors
  • Headlights and taillights
  • Aftermarket upgrades
  • Hoods, bumpers, fenders, and panels
  • Doors
  • Axles
  • Electronics
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Getting Your Parts Ready to Ship

In order to ensure your car parts arrive undamaged and ready to be used, it’s always good to follow a set of best practices when preparing them to ship. Use plenty of padding to ensure your parts don’t move around and are protected in case of any impacts.

If you have any questions, especially about irregularly-shaped items, feel free to ask our staff.

Our Automotive Shipping Services

At Tenpoint, we use blended solutions of several different shipping practices to find the best possible method to ship your product. Depending on where and how far your product needs to go (and how fast it needs to get there), we may use a combination of trucking, air freight, and other services, such as cross-docking and consolidation, to get it there.


Expedited Ground Shipping

One of our most popular shipping services is expedited ground shipping. Ground shipping is one of our most affordable shipping solutions, though it may not be as fast as other services. 

Expedited shipping will get your auto parts delivered faster by making fewer stops between pickup and delivery. We also offer next-day ground and premium ground shipping solutions to give our customers a diverse range of shipping options and prices to choose from. We know things can change quickly, which is why we’ve created choices that allow for as much flexibility as we can.


Air Charter

If the occasion calls for it, Tenpoint has the ability to rent an entire private plane to ensure we get your parts delivered as fast as we can. Since the plane needs to have your cargo loaded up before it takes off, air charter is often the fastest solution available. Air charter is also great for cargo that may be too heavy or oversized to fit on a commercial plane. It is also effective in minimizing the amount of handling your freight undergoes, to ensure packages arrive undamaged.


Emergency Shipping Services

Whenever you need to get something delivered in a hurry, trust Tenpoint’s emergency shipping services. Once you tell us what auto parts you need to ship and where they need to go, we’ll put together a plan by determining the fastest route out of all the services we have available. 

Frequently, the fastest shipping option means using a blended solution, such as a combination of expedited trucking and air freight to deliver your products when you need them. Our emergency shipping services will ensure you’re not stuck waiting for auto parts any longer than you have to be. When time is money, sometimes emergency shipping services are the most cost-effective option available.


Air Freight

To get your car parts shipped even faster, especially for long distances, air freight is the way to go. Tenpoint maintains great relationships with air freight companies such as UPS and FedEx and frequently uses their planes to deliver automotive parts. We offer a cost-effective economy service that delivers packages within four to five days, along with next-day air or even next-flight-out shipping options.

cross-docking and consolidation

Cross-Dock and Consolidation

Are you shipping internationally? Tenpoint has you covered with our efficient cross-dock and consolidation services. Whenever your freight crosses the border, we coordinate with teams on both sides to organize and consolidate your freight at a cross-docking facility. By consolidating all your car parts together, we’re able to minimize the number of stops the truck will make and decrease the amount of time spent handling your packages. The less your packages are handled, the less likely they are to incur damages.

Why Choose Tenpoint?

At Tenpoint, we pride ourselves on great customer service and transparency. We make sure our drivers and partner carriers are in regular contact with our logistics staff to ensure any issues are resolved and your shipment is delivered on time. Each vehicle that we use is also outfitted with a GPS tracking device using state-of-the-art software so we can pinpoint exactly where it is. Our fleet of late-model trucks are kept in top condition and regularly inspected to ensure your parts aren’t delayed by a breakdown.

On top of all that, we guarantee you won’t find a more friendly and collaborative staff outside of Tenpoint. We love the work that we do and are dedicated to giving our customers the best experience possible.

Get an Automotive Shipping Quote

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