Manufacturing Logistics Services

When a manufacturing supply chain process breaks down companies can lose massive amounts of money as work grinds to a hold. Having a manufacturing logistics service that is dependable, affordable, and can deliver products fast is a must for any industrial company.

Tenpoint has years of experience planning and executing logistics for manufacturers. Our equipment, staff, and processes have all been selected to ensure that we can deliver the cargo our clients need when they need it.

Manufacturing Logistics Solutions

Tenpoint’s Industrial Manufacturing Logistics Solutions

We provide shipping and logistics for manufacturers throughout the United States and internationally. Tenpoint can ship raw materials, equipment, tools, packaging, or finished products. Whether you have a one-time need or a regular shipment that needs to be delivered, our drivers can get it done.

Safe Delivery

Our staff works with a wide range of different types of freight, including hazardous or delicate packages. They are highly trained and knowledgeable in how to safely and securely transport cargo of all shapes and sizes. Our fleet is made up of a diverse set of vehicles including flatbed trucks, sprinter vans, tractors, and more. We are used to handling oversized and challenging cargo.

Reliable Communication

All of the vehicles in our fleet are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS devices that let us know where they are in real time. The drivers we work with prioritize communication and our logistics staff are continuously working to make sure that we have the latest information. All of our trucks have software installed that sends automatic emails directly to our clients so they always know where their cargo is. We ensure that our clients are kept in the loop on where their freight is and when the estimated delivery time is.

Affordable Rates

Tenpoint is able to work lean and nimble to ensure that we offer our clients competitive rates on our services. We also have a range of different options for our customers so they can pick the service that works best for their schedule and their budget. Our staff would be happy to talk with you about your industrial manufacturing logistics needs so that we can find an affordable solution for your business.

Our Manufacturer Transportation Staff

At Tenpoint we make sure to work with the best people. We perform extensive background checks on everyone who drives for us and meet them in person before they get their first job. Our client-facing staff are both friendly and professional, and we highly value the relationships we have built over the years. Our customers continue to use our manufacturing logistics services because they know we are open and transparent and always treat everyone with respect. 

What Manufacturing Parts Do We Ship?

  • Instruments
  • Tools
  • Belts and pulleys
  • Gears
  • Electronics
  • Presses
  • Drills
  • Machinery
  • Paint
  • Dies
  • Hardware
  • Raw materials
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Plastic
Manufacturing Parts Shipped

Tenpoint’s Manufacturing Logistics Services

We provide a range of logistics solutions to our manufacturing clients so there is always an option that fits your needs. Whether you’d like to prioritize cost or speed, or are looking for a balance of the two, our services have you covered.

Flatbed Truck

Flatbed Trucking

We frequently ship odd-sized or oversized cargo for our manufacturing logistics clients, and our drivers use a range of different types of flatbed trucks to match each job. These vehicles include standard, extendable, and stretch flatbeds, along with trucks equipped with tarps to protect against the elements. Our drivers are experienced at working with flatbeds and follow a strict set of procedures to load, secure, and unload freight in a way that makes sure it stays safe throughout the journey.


Expedited Ground Shipping

Ground shipping is our bread and butter at Tenpoint, and we have a flexible range of options available for our clients. Our expedited ground shipping solution works by minimizing the number of stops between the outgoing and incoming locations so the freight will reach your operation sooner. In some cases, this can include next-day delivery.

cargo air charter

Air Freight

When you need freight delivered over a long distance and can’t wait for ground shipping, we offer an air freight option. Our logistics staff will find a commercial flight with space available and have your packages placed onboard. We have several different services available within air freight, depending on the distance that needs to be traveled. They can range from our economy option, which has a delivery estimate of four to five days, to our next flight out service, which will find the fastest available route.


Air Charter

For manufacturing freight that may not fit in well with other packages, or that just needs to be shipped immediately, we offer air charter. For this option, we will charter a private plane specifically for your package and have it flown out as soon as possible. This is an ideal service for oversized, heavy, or potentially hazardous material that needs to be delivered quickly but won’t work on air freight.


Emergency Shipping

When you have a plant that is shut down or a supply chain that is stopped because you don’t have the right parts, equipment, or materials, our emergency shipping service is here to help. We have the vehicles and procedures in place to deliver your cargo as fast as possible. This is often done through a combination of several different services. For instance, we may use our expedited ground trucks to get your freight to an airport, where a chartered plane will be waiting. As soon as the freight is onboard, the plane will take it to an airport where a driver will be there to take it to its final destination.

While it's best for our staff to have advance notice of an emergency shipping need so we can spend some time planning the best route, we know that’s not always possible and our staff can jump into action when needed. We frequently provide emergency shipping services to other manufacturing logistics companies because they know they can trust our services.

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