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What is Cargo Air Charter?

Air charter is the rental of an entire private plane. Although you can charter a plane for private passenger travel, air charter services in the shipping industry, also known as cargo air charter, refer to the chartering of a plane for private shipping needs.

With air charter services, you are able to rent an entire plane to ship your freight. With air freight, your products are shipped via the cargo area of a commercial flight or a dedicated cargo plane.

Premium Air Charter Services

Tenpoint Expediting Services offers premium air charter services to ensure that your shipment arrives on time.

Air charter services are the perfect solution for emergency shipments. Instead of waiting for a full truckload or a previously scheduled passenger flight, an air charter’s schedule is only dependent on your shipment’s arrival.

Air Charter for All Kinds of Shipments


Air charter services ensure that massive loads of inventory and other retail cargo ship together and arrive on time.


The automotive industry often requires air charter services to ship nonstandard or potentially hazardous vehicle parts.


Private air charters are the perfect solution for shipping oversized aerospace components.

Cargo Air Charter With Tenpoint

With Tenpoint, you can ensure your nonstandard, large, or emergency shipment arrives on time with our air charter services.

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REliable Delivery

Tenpoint is dedicated to making sure that all of our shipments arrive safely and on time. Our logistics team works hard to ensure that your shipment is taken care of from transportation to and from the airport to loading and unloading to the choosing of a dependable air charter carrier itself.


Remote Transportation

With air charter, deliveries to remote locations are a breeze. No matter where your shipment needs to go, Tenpoint can make sure it arrives on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, the cost for shipping via air charter is anywhere from $5,000–$10,000. However, many factors go into the final cost. If you have questions about the cost of our air charter service, reach out to our team for a free quote.

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