Emergency Shipping Services

Make Your Time-Sensitive Delivery with Tenpoint

Surprises happen in every industry. Parts can break, systems can malfunction, and timelines can fall behind. That’s why Tenpoint offers emergency shipping services to get your freight delivered on time and get your company back on track. We use blended logistics solutions to always find the fastest route we can to get the job done.


What Are Emergency Shipping Services?

Emergency shipping services cover anything that needs to be delivered as fast as possible. Tenpoint often works with other shipping companies to help them deliver their freight when they are experiencing an equipment or logistics problem. We also work with factories or retailers that need parts or products delivered in a hurry. When time equals money, Tenpoint will use every method at our disposal to help you meet your timelines.

Emergency Shipping Options

There are several different shipping options that Tenpoint uses when conducting emergency shipping, including expedited cargo, air charter, and flatbed shipping. But the shortest distance between two points is often a combination of different services. When we integrate multiple options together, we refer to it as a blended solution.

For example, we may use expedited ground shipping to bring freight from multiple different locations to a cross-docking facility. There, it may be consolidated onto one truck and then brought to an airport where the rest of the route is completed via air freight.

When you contact Tenpoint, our excellent customer service personnel will discuss your shipping needs with you and determine the fastest method available for your freight. We will then walk you through the shipping options, route, and timelines. Our drivers are in constant contact with our team to make sure the delivery is proceeding on time.

Our expedited ground shipping is designed to streamline the delivery process, eliminate stops, and decrease travel time. Expedited shipping may include next-day delivery, but delivery timelines will vary depending on the freight and distance to be traveled. Tenpoint works with customers that frequently use expedited ground shipping for their logistics, in addition to one-time clients that use emergency shipping services for a single shipment.

Shipping Time-Critical Freight for Every Industry

Customers can be unpredictable, and you never know what item they may decide they can’t get enough of. If you run out of stock on an item, you’re losing money every time you have to turn a customer away. In cases like that, Tenpoint’s emergency shipping solutions can be the most cost-effective way to ensure your products are delivered and ready for your customers.


When automotive companies need parts or equipment fast, they rely on Tenpoint’s emergency shipping services. We frequently work to deliver automotive parts, factory equipment, and more to our customers to ensure their work gets completed on time.


Our customers in the aerospace industry frequently need parts shipped quickly that may be hard to fit inside a typical delivery truck. That’s why we offer flatbed shipping services and cargo air charter shipping to make sure we have a vehicle that will be able to safely and securely transport your freight with expedited delivery.


Manufacturing companies can't afford to shut down the factory line every time they need a new part. That's why they rely on Tenpoint to get what they need, fast. Get expedited shipping for the equipment and products you need to keep your business moving.

Emergency Shipping with Tenpoint

Tenpoint brings years of experience, trusted partners, and some of the best customer service in the industry to ensure your time-sensitive delivery. As soon as you notify of us of your emergency shipping need, we will start working out a plan of action and communicate the progress every step of the way. We operate a fleet of owner-operator vehicles including spring vans, straight trucks, and tractors. With our assets and logistics experience, you can trust Tenpoint with all of your emergency shipping needs.

Plane preparing for a time-sensitive delivery

Time-Sensitive Delivery

There isn’t just one thing that will get your shipment delivered securely and on time. It happens with the combined effort of Tenpoint’s customer service, logistics planning, drivers, vehicles, and commercial partnerships. Our blended solutions come from a tireless effort to provide the best service we can and make your job a bit easier.

Transparency in emergency services


With Tenpoint, you’ll never hear that “the driver must have turned their phone off.” We pride ourselves on always keeping our customers in the loop so there are never any surprises.

Excellent customer service from Tenpoint Expediting

Excellent Customer Service

At Tenpoint, we follow the Golden Rule: Treat others how you would wish to be treated. It’s a philosophy we have developed over the course of years in the logistics industry, and it has been central to the trusted relationships we have built with our drivers, owner-operators, and clients. We are always ready to work together with our customers to find the best solution that will work for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tenpoint uses late-model vehicles that are in top working condition. We also conduct regular inspections to ensure our vehicles and equipment are able to deliver your products on time. Our trucks are additionally equipped with state-of-the-art software and GPS trackers to make sure the customer knows where their package is and when it will arrive. Tenpoint also uses specialty trucks, such as flatbeds or refrigerated trucks, whenever the job calls for it.

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