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Flatbed shipping has a great deal of advantages. After all, it provides you with the versatility to ship large and wide loads without any issues. At Tenpoint Expediting Services and Tenpoint Logistics, we provide flatbed shipping services to ensure your cargo is transported safely wherever it is needed.

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What Is Flatbed Trucking?

Flatbed trucking is a type of transportation service that utilizes flatbed trucks. These trucks are beneficial because they do not have any walls or sides to block the cargo in. Therefore, you can use them to transport odd-shaped cargo or oversized loads. These types of trucks also typically haul constructional steelwork or machinery.

The primary difference between flatbed trucks and enclosed trailers is, of course, that enclosed trailers have walls and a roof while flatbed trucks do not. However, there are a number of other differences between these two worth exploring:

  • Size of cargo: Because flatbed trailers are open, they can handle oversized cargo much better than an enclosed trailer. They not only make it much easier to transport this cargo, but they also make it easier to load and unload it as well.
  • Shape of cargo: Flatbed trailers allow for items of all shapes to be transported. In fact, flatbed trucks are typically used for wide and oddly-shaped cargo because of this.
  • Ease of loading: Cargo that is transported on a flatbed truck is much easier to load and unload because you can utilize any side without worrying about a barrier.

Flatbed Shipping Options

This type of flatbed can haul 48,000 pounds of cargo, and cargo can be loaded on the tip, sides, and rear of the flatbed.

Flatbed Logistics with Tenpoint

With a decade of experience in the logistics industry, Tenpoint Expediting Services sets itself apart by providing expedited services with transparency and precision. Our fleet of truckers and owner operators are invested in their own success, and they pass that quality of care on to you.

Our fleet is made up of truckers and owner operators with years of experience under their belt. You can count on our drivers to be invested in the safe delivery of every shipment they haul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Loads on a standard flatbed truck can be up to 8.5 feet in height. However, dimensions regarding length differ depending on the type of flatbed truck used. Contact Tenpoint if you have questions about whether your load meets the dimensional requirements for flatbed shipping.

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Flatbed trucks are an excellent choice for shipping regardless of what you are seeking to transport. If you are ready to see the benefits of flatbed truck shipping for yourself, contact Tenpoint Expediting Services today for your free quote.