Truck Brokerage from Tenpoint

Get reliable and efficient shipping solutions with Tenpoint’s truck brokerage services.

Truck Brokerage from Tenpoint

What Is Truck Brokerage?

Truck brokers are a knowledgeable connection between shippers and carriers. They create a new level of flexibility in the freight shipping industry by utilizing professional drivers, optimized routes, and efficient scheduling to transport goods more effectively. All of these factors are completely customizable in truck brokerage, giving you the option to select the right plan for your business. This allows shippers to streamline shipment schedules and save money thanks to faster delivery and less time wasted in transport.

People who have a direct contract with a trucking company have limited themselves to only one option to get their shipment where it needs to go. Choosing a trucking company that also offers truck brokerage services means that your shipment can be transported by a network of reliable carriers. This increases the possibility for efficient, timely shipping, resulting in a fast turnaround for the customer and convenience for the truck drivers, who can deliver more in a single load.

At Tenpoint, we’re happy to work with clients directly who need our ground expedite or air freight services, but we provide extra value through our truck brokering service, which enables us to get your shipment anywhere in the United States, Mexico, or Canada.

Trucking Brokerage Options

Truck brokering services allow you to move loads of freight any time, to anywhere, in any method that works for you. Tenpoint has a range of brokering options available to choose from, and you can even customize your load to be more specific as needed.

Full truckloads are typically an excess of 30 pallets or up to 45,000 pounds and beyond. In most cases, a single truck is assigned to an entire shipment to keep the entire load together, arriving on time to the final destination. With a full truckload, you’ll get the best value. Your shipment will be delivered on time and with precautions in place to prevent damage or spoiling.

Reefer (Refrigerated Truckload)

Maintain consistent temperatures in even the largest loads with a reefer truckload. These trucks are intricately designed with cooling systems that protect your perishable goods.

Flatbed (Standard & Partial)

For oddly shaped cargo or larger-than-typical items, a flatbed truck is a great option. Instead of the usual enclosed trailers usually seen in shipments, flatbed trailers are exactly what they sound like: a flat bed on the back end of a truck.

Truckload Brokerage for Every Industry

Move merchandise and other products quickly and securely with Tenpoint’s efficient truck brokerage solutions. From big name stores to small shops, we have solutions available for every size of load and shipping schedule.


We’ll transport anything from a few small vehicle parts to multiple large ones in as many shipments as your company requires. Trust our team to keep your automotive parts safe with an on-time arrival at the forefront of our priorities.


Tenpoint is excited to serve clientele in the aviation and aerospace industries. Even the largest loads are no problem for our extensive fleet of available trucks and experienced drivers.

Choose Tenpoint as Your Truck Broker

Tenpoint is the top solution in shippers’ search for reliable truck brokerage services. Why choose us? It’s simple!

We are veterans in the trucking industry

Veterans of the Trucking Industry

Tenpoint consists of a team of previous truckers. We’ve committed ourselves to creating a community of thoroughly vetted drivers and carriers that ensures fewer delays, more reliable service, and experience in a variety of industries. Trust our decades of combined trucking experience to get your shipment to its destination on time.

high quality services

Small Company Treatment, Big Company Results

Tenpoint offers a small-company environment that treats you well, while delivering with big-company standards and resources. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the people behind every part of our process are satisfied with the work and results we deliver, from the drivers to the shippers to the consumers.


Experienced in Sales and Service

Everyone at Tenpoint can service your freight, from the first RFP to invoicing once the load has been delivered. We’re proud of the exceptional customer service we offer, with at-the-ready solutions for any changes along the way.

reliable shipping services from Tenpoint Expediting Solutions

Continental Coverage

Both our expedite and logistics arms operate in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Our fleet is based in Michigan, where we proudly serve the surrounding Midwest region as well as the entire continent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Partial truckload capacity and less than truckload capacity are extremely similar, but there are important differences to note. In both scenarios, the trailer is shared and filled with multiple loads. Partial truckloads are based on size and weight, while less than truckloads are based on density and the freight class of the load. We’ll help you decide which capacity is right for your load.