Tenpoint Expediting Services

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From expedited ground shipping to air freight to blended solutions, Tenpoint Expediting Services ensures that your shipment arrives at its destination on time.

Shipping and Logistics Services

From expedited ground shipping to air freight to blended solutions, Tenpoint Expediting Services ensures that your shipment arrives at its destination on time.


Expedited Ground Shipping

One of our core competencies and the service our company was founded upon. With our fleet of vehicles and several close partner carriers, you can be confident we have what it takes to transport your expedited shipments. We’ll meet arranged pickup and delivery times with real-time tracking updates in between.


Cargo Air Charter

We have access to a variety of aircraft and can accommodate all sizes of shipments from one pallet to many. Let us manage your air charters so you don’t have to worry.


Air Freight Shipping

Tenpoint Logistics, LLC, can provide flexibility for you and your clients’ changing needs with air freight. Select your required transit time to accommodate when and where your freight needs to go, whether it needs next flight out (NFO) or third-day service levels. We will meet your requirements with a dependability you can count on.


Truckload Brokerage

Whether you’re a shipper who needs greater capacity or a carrier that needs more work, Tenpoint can help facilitate a better shipping process for all.



Have oversized cargo that can’t fit in a trailer? Tenpoint will ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination safe and sound with quality flatbed trucking.


Cross-Docking and Consolidaiton

Our consolidation services ensure you get the best price for your shipment, while our commitment to cross-docking prioritizes a timely delivery.


Emergency Shipping

By combining multiple service options and modes, Tenpoint is able to offer unique solutions to get your freight where you need it, when you need it.

Why Choose Tenpoint

End-to-End Transportation and Delivery

With air freight, ground shipping, and a variety of shipping solutions at our disposal, Tenpoint can handle your shipment from beginning to end.

Easy Shipment Tracking

Tenpoint trucks have tamper-proof, hard-wired GPS units installed, so you know exactly where your shipment is at all times.

Late Model Expedited Trucking

Tenpoint only uses late model equipment that is in top-notch operating condition. We also prioritize regular equipment inspections to prevent breakdowns.

Expertly Trained Drivers & Owner-Operators

Tenpoint requires all drivers to go through on-site orientation to make sure that both drivers and owner-operators are well trained in expedited shipping.

Industry Experience

Manufacturing services


Whether you’re waiting on raw materials, transporting inventory, or shipping out finished products, you can count on Tenpoint’s fleet of trucks and close partner carriers.



Don’t let supply chain issues slow down your business. Rely on Tenpoint’s dependable shipping and logistics services.



Whether you’re an automotive manufacturing plant, a car dealership, or an autoshop, trust Tenpoint to move individual parts and entire vehicles.



Tenpoint has the experience to transport oversized and heavy aerospace components across the country safely.

Join the Hardest Working Team in Freight

Join our talented team of logistics and transportation experts and enjoy a rewarding career, career development opportunities, and much more.

Let’s Get Moving

Our experienced logistics and shipping experts can help you meet goals and reach new markets, predict and optimize freight flow, and deliver outstanding communication and transparency, whether we’re crossing county lines or faring blue skies. Partner with the hardest working company in freight.