Air Freight Shipping

Fast Delivery with Air Freight Shipping

Tenpoint’s air freight shipping services are dependable enough to rely on but flexible enough to meet you and your client’s changing needs.


What is Air Freight Shipping?

Air freight shipping involves placing shipments into the cargo area of commercial flights. It also includes times in which freight is transported via a dedicated cargo plane, such as UPS or FedEx.

Air freight involves using commercial planes or cargo planes to ship cargo, while air charter services involve renting an entire private airplane for the purpose of moving freight.

Premium Air Freight Delivery Services

Tenpoint Expediting Services offers top-of-the-line air freight delivery services so your shipment can get where it needs to go right on time.

Our NFO service places your shipment on the next flight out, guaranteeing a fast delivery.

Who Needs Expedited Ground Shipping?

Expediting ground shipping services can assist a range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. Whatever your important shipments are, Tenpoint can ensure that they get there on time and in perfect condition.

Tenpoint Expediting Services has the manufacturing logistics solutions you need to maximize your efficiency and lower your overall spending. Expediting shipping can help manufacturers move finished products or packaging and other important materials they need.

Air Freight for All Kinds of Shipments


Whether you need to relocate massive amounts of inventory or ship products to customers in bulk, air freight services will ensure your shipment arrives on time.


Air freight is a great option for smaller automotive parts that don’t require a specially chartered plane to get where they need to go.


Air freight is an essential component of aerospace shipping, making good use of flights already scheduled to take to the skies.

Air Freight Shipping & Logistics with Tenpoint

With Tenpoint, you can count on fast, secure delivery of various types of shipments at an affordable price.

Manufacturing services

On Board Courier & Hand Carry Services

With our onboard courier and hand carry service, a courier will physically carry your shipment onto a flight. This adds an extra layer of security for your shipment.


End-to-End Delivery

Because Tenpoint also offers other logistics services like expedited ground shipping, we can coordinate both air and ground shipping to take care of every step of the delivery process.


Easy Shipment Tracking

Tenpoint offers transparent shipment tracking so you always know where your shipment is and when its estimated delivery will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of shipping you choose will impact when your shipment arrives. During the quoting process, Tenpoint will discuss your schedule and your shipping needs to help you find the solution that works. This might involve transportation by truck, planes, boats, or a combination of methods.

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