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Tenpoint Expediting can get your shipment where it needs to go with our expedited ground shipping services. If your shipment needs to be delivered as quickly as possible, expedited shipping can streamline the delivery process, eliminating any extra travel time to ensure that your shipments get to their destination on time.


Ground -VS- Expedited Shipping

Ground shipping is a form of standard shipping that involves delivery by truck. Ground shipping can sometimes take several days longer than expedited shipping, but can be a more cost-effective solution for regular shipping needs. Tenpoint Expediting offers expedited ground shipping to give you a quick and affordable delivery option.

Expedited Ground Shipping: How Long Does It Take?

While expedited ground shipping is quicker than traditional ground shipping, the time a shipment takes to be delivered still varies depending on several factors.

Many shipments can be delivered the next day with expedited ground shipping. Often, next-day ground shipping costs a higher fee than expedited ground shipping in general to guarantee the quick delivery date.

Who Needs Expedited Ground Shipping?

Expediting ground shipping services can assist a range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. Whatever your important shipments are, Tenpoint can ensure that they get there on time and in perfect condition.

Tenpoint Expediting Services has the manufacturing logistics solutions you need to maximize your efficiency and lower your overall spending. Expediting shipping can help manufacturers move finished products or packaging and other important materials they need.

Expedited Ground Shipping With Tenpoint


late-model expedited trucking

At Tenpoint Expediting Services, we only use late model equipment that is in top shape. We also perform regular inspections on our vehicles to avoid potential breakdowns that would otherwise result in shipping delays.


Easy Shipment Tracking

Tenpoint installs hard-wired, tamper-proof GPS units in every truck, allowing you to track your shipment in real-time. You won’t have to rely on a driver to send you updates and can see exactly where your shipment is located at all times.

high quality services

Expertly Trained Drivers and Owner-Operators

At Tenpoint, we only employ the best, most experienced drivers and owner-operators so you can have confidence in our services. We also ensure that every employee attends our on-site orientation where they receive any additional training they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of shipping you choose will impact when your shipment arrives. During the quoting process, Tenpoint will discuss your schedule and your shipping needs to help you find the solution that works. This might involve transportation by truck, planes, boats, or a combination of methods.

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