Lansing Storage and Warehousing

We offer commercial solutions at our Lansing storage warehouse. We can store inventory or offer our space for operational purposes on lease.

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In addition to Tenpoint’s logistics services, we also offer storage solutions and leasing options from our Lansing warehouse. It provides an affordable option for local businesses to store their inventory or use the space for operational purposes.

Commercial Storage with Tenpoint

Tenpoint has expanded its commercial storage options to meet the needs of local businesses. Our Lansing warehouse can store a wide range of freight for both long- and short-term needs. 

In our logistics work, we’re known for our dedication to customer service, affordable prices, and transparency in communication. Those values extend to our relationships with our commercial storage clients. We’re always here if you have any questions, and we’re happy to work with you to make sure your storage needs are met.

While self-storage options are popular choices for individuals storing their personal belongings, they don’t provide the flexibility and operating space that you can get with a commercial storage facility. Self-storage spaces are also prone to theft due to low security measures, inconsistent monitoring, and locks that can be easy to pick. 

Tenpoint has professional staff and a forklift available to help you store large and heavy items with convenience.

What We Store

We provide flexible options for commercial storage in our Lansing warehouse. While some of the most popular storage options are listed below, they don’t cover everything. If you have any questions about storage and leasing options, feel free to reach out to our staff.

Retail Inventory

For retail businesses that have overflow inventory, Tenpoint can supply affordable storage. Our staff will be on hand to have your inventory removed and ready to return to your store just as soon as you need it. This can be particularly helpful to seasonal businesses or events that need a good storage option when their equipment or inventory is not in use.

Our Lansing warehouse is especially useful for local e-commerce businesses that may not have a retail space to store their overflow inventory.

Office Furniture and Supplies

For businesses undergoing office renovations, commercial storage space will keep your office furniture, computers, and other materials safe and conveniently located. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are trying different options with their office layouts, including remote and hybrid work environments. Businesses can use our Lansing storage space to store office materials and supplies while they work through changes.


If you have business records that need to be kept in a secure location but are taking up too much space in your offices, Tenpoint’s Lansing warehouse is the solution. Our security measures guard against theft and our well-maintained facilities will keep your essential information safe from mold, mildew, water damage, and other hazards.


Raw materials such as lumber, metal, plastics, packaging, and machinery that are too big and heavy for standard storage spaces are ideal for our warehouse. Our staff have the tools, space, and organization necessary to store raw materials for industrial businesses.

Operational Leasing Opportunities

In addition to storage options, Tenpoint’s Lansing warehouse is also available for lease for operational purposes. Many businesses need space for short- or long-term operating space, including packaging, assembly, or other uses.

Tenpoint Logistics Services

Our Lansing storage options pair perfectly with our logistics services. Tenpoint has built relationships with many Lansing-area businesses to ship freight at affordable prices. We frequently work with organizations in aerospace, automotive, healthcare, entertainment, retail, manufacturing, and other industries.

We only work with thoroughly vetted and experienced drivers and owner-operators we know we can trust. Our fleets use late-model vehicles and modern software solutions to ensure that our customers stay in the loop on where their cargo is.

  • Expedited ground shipping: Our expedited ground shipping trucks make little to no stops between picking up and dropping off their inventory. This service is shorter than regular shipping and ensures that important goods arrive at their destination without delay.
  • Flatbed trucking: This service can be used when goods do not require a closed van or don’t fit in a regular truck. We can load your oversized freight onto a flatbed trailer with a crane or other equipment and deliver it safely and securely. 
  • Air freight shipping: We offer air freight solutions for maximum flexibility when it comes to the time of shipment and the delivery location. Our air freight services include next-flight, next-day, second-day, and third-day shipping options. 
  • Cargo air charter: This service ensures that your shipments arrive as soon as possible. Instead of sharing space on a cargo plane, we can hire a plane just for your package. We can deliver freights of all sizes, including single- or multi-pallet shipments, using cargo air charter.
  • Emergency shipping: When you have a plant that is shut down or a supply chain that is stopped because you don’t have the right parts, equipment, or materials, our emergency shipping service is here to help. We can use a combination of several services to coordinate the fastest possible solution.
  • Blended solutions: Blended solutions allow manufacturers and retailers to choose the shipping options they need based on their unique needs. Whether you need to prioritize speed or savings, we can find the right balance for your needs.

Local Trucking Services

If you’re looking to have inventory delivered in Lansing or the surrounding areas, Tenpoint Logistics Services is the top choice. You’ll be working with a locally owned and operated business that understands your needs and how to meet them. Nobody understands the local logistics industry better than Tenpoint.

Store or Lease our Lansing Warehouse

If you’re looking for a Lansing storage warehouse to keep your materials secure at a convenient location, reach out to our staff. We’d be happy to talk with you about leasing options for your space.

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