Why Choose a Local Trucking Company?

When you work with a local trucking company like Tenpoint, you’ll receive direct and personal customer service based on open communication and transparency.

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A proper logistics service is essential to the smooth operation of your business, which is why the choice of a company is so important. When you choose a local trucking company, you can build a long-lasting relationship and trust that they have the knowledge that a larger company just doesn’t have.

The Benefits of Local Trucking Companies

Customer Service

When you work with a global corporation, you’re one of countless customers that they deal with every day. But when you partner with a local shipping company, you have a direct line to the people who are responsible for, and passionate about, their business. You’ll have the chance to build a personal and direct relationship based on transparency, communication, and trust.

Word of mouth is a powerful part of a business’s reputation, especially when it comes to local businesses. While a larger business may not mind losing a few customers, a local business has to build a strong reputation with its local business community, and that starts with great customer service and excellent work.

Local Expertise

One of the best things about working with a local trucking company is the chance to tap into the well of knowledge that they have built up about the local industry. Our drivers know the best routes because they drive them all the time. They don’t have to follow GPS for every street they turn on, and they can deliver packages faster and more efficiently.

Affordable Rates

Local shipping companies don’t have to pay for the overhead that a global company has. They are able to stay flexible, agile, and accommodating to their customers—including their budgets. Plus, when you work with a local trucking company, your dollar stays within your community, and you’re helping to support the local economy.

Why Choose Tenpoint as Your Local Logistics Company

Tenpoint is proud to be owned and operated out of Lansing, Michigan. We’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation with our local community and clients. Our late-model vehicles are operated by thoroughly vetted and experienced drivers who can be trusted to get your freight delivered safe, secure, and on time.

Our extensive fleet includes a wide range of vehicles, including straight trucks, flatbed trucks, sprinter vans, dry vans, tractors, and more. They are regularly inspected and tuned up to ensure reliability and safety.

Our Values

We know that many organizations, and employees, have struggled to find a logistics company that practices open and clear communication. We founded Tenpoint on the idea that transparency is the basis of a strong and lasting relationship. 

Our team is in constant communication with each other and our clients to ensure that everyone is kept informed. Our vehicles are outfitted with GPS devices and the latest software to send automatic updates on their location and the estimated time of arrival.

Tenpoint’s Services

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of our clients. Our team will work to find a solution that fits both your timetable and your budget.

Expedited Ground Shipping

For when you need cargo shipped faster than our standard trucking service, we offer expedited ground shipping. This service will minimize the number of stops that your vehicle needs to take in order to have it delivered on a faster timetable. Depending on the situation, this can include next-day delivery.

Flatbed Trucking

If you have oversized or oddly shaped items that need to be shipped, our flatbed trucks are ready for the job. We have standard, stretch, and extendable flatbeds available, and our drivers are experienced in loading, securing, and unloading difficult freight while ensuring that it stays safe.

Air Freight and Charter

For when you need your freight shipped fast and long-distance, we offer multiple aerial logistics solutions. Air freight involves purchasing space on a plane, usually one belonging to another carrier we have an existing relationship with, to have your cargo placed onboard. 

We also offer air charter services for faster delivery and more delicate or unique cargo. This service involves chartering a plane specifically to deliver your package, which means it doesn’t need to wait for any other packages to be loaded or unloaded before your cargo can be moved.

Emergency Shipping

Our fastest shipping service available, emergency shipping, will find the quickest possible route to deliver your packages. This may include expedited ground shipping, air charter, and courier services, depending on the need. Our team thrives under pressure, and we are frequently trusted by other logistics companies to help them out with our emergency shipping services when they run into trouble.

Who We Serve


  • Retail: We will ensure that your retail inventory is delivered safely and on time. Our team can move displays, store items, or deliver them to customers’ homes.
  • Automotive: Tenpoint frequently works with companies in the automotive industry. We ship car parts, tools, and equipment for cars, tractors, golf carts, excavating equipment, and more.
  • Aerospace: Our flexible fleet can transport aerospace parts, including oversized or delicate components. 
  • Manufacturing: Keep your assembly lines on schedule by always making sure you have the parts and materials you need when you need them.
  • Healthcare: Our team is experienced in shipping essential medical supplies and equipment. Receive the fastest delivery with our emergency shipping solutions.
  • Event and entertainmentEntertainment trucking companies are only as good as their staff and their equipment. We’ve put together a team of reliable and experienced dispatchers, drivers, and fleet owners to get the job done right.

Our Local Shipping Coverage Area

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Flint
  • Kalamazoo
  • Battle Creek
  • Fort Wayne
  • South Bend
  • Saginaw
  • Jackson

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